27 December 2007

Queen of Prophets

Queen of Prophets, help me to imitate the prophets and your own example. They never sought the world with its pleasures, but God alone. They were willing to suffer for Him in their zeal to save souls. Teach me to be zealous for the honor of God and for the salvation of my soul and that of my neighbor. Help me to realize that the most divine thing is to labor with God for the salvation of souls. Amen.

Another one of my favorite titles for the Blessed Virgin Mary is "Queen of Prophets".

The word of God came through the mouth of the prophets, finally the WORD became flesh through Mary.

Like the prophets of the Old Covenant she leads us to Christ.

She is the means by which the prophecies were fulfilled.

By saying yes to the archangel, Mary became the first to receive Christ. She is our example, our leader, our Queen.

She was there on Pentecost, and would have been the one that the disciples looked to when the Holy Spirit came. I imagine them asking her, "Is this Him? This sound like wind, these tongues of fire?" She nodded, lifted her hands, then danced at this reunion with the Spirit she experienced three decades before at the Annunciation--but this time the Spirit would remain with her, the disciples, and the Church.

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