18 December 2007

Mother Cabrini & the Holy Spirit

St. Frances Xavier Cabrini started a camp for poor immigrant children here in the foothills above Golden, CO which is now a shrine. I came across this mediatation on the Holy Spirit by her that I thought I’d pass along:

Oh! If only devotion to the Holy Spirit inflamed the world, then should we see the face of the earth renewed, and Faith and Charity would triumph over everything.

"Send your Spirit and create us. Renew the face of the earth."

If you desire to correct faults, and you feel you cannot; if you languish with tepidity and it seems you can do no good, but, still you wish to be fervent, try to be devout to the Holy Spirit, invoking Him often and with your whole hearts. Excite in yourselves strong desires to receive Him, repeat often to Him,

"Place your own heart in me God, pour your own Spirit in me. Ready me and I will be made right, and strong and holy."

If you invoke Him with a humble and trusting heart, filled with good desires, He will descend with His blessed light and inflaming fire; He will come and penetrate into the very core of your heart, purifying it, changing it, enlightening it, enflaming it and comsuming it with the flames of His holy and divine love.

As soon as we begin to desire Him, He begins to favour us, because pious and holy desires are like the forerunners of God in the soul, and as soon as we, by the grace of God, form a holy desire, the Holy Spirit, as St. Paul says, will work in us with ineffable sighs. Let us suplicate Him, then, to inspire us with ardent desires which will prepare us to receive Him.

~St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, May 26, 1895

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