24 December 2007

Church on Christmas Eve

For me, going to church on Christmas Eve is a must. When I came back to Christ (after 6 years of running, I wanted to find a service in San Francisco where I was living at the time. A friend and I drove around the city for two hours until we came upon an unlabelled church around 11:30. It turned out to be Catholic, but I put my Romophobia aside and went in.

What struck me was how reverent it was. The piety of the people was inspiring. Everything had a purpose--the candles, the procession, the music. We did our best to follow along. That was my first midnight Mass on Christmas.
Another memorable service came a few years later when I was the assistant at an Assembly of God. My mom wrote an avant-garde Christmas performance art piece for "living Christmas Tree" and childrens choir.

I started out alone in a black turtle neck while we sang "O Come, O Come Emmanuel". Next, the green tree frame was added and the kids sang another carol. With each carol the kids added different ornaments that represented something about the incarnation and salvation.

Very minimalist and quirky, yet instructive and fun.

Be sure to make a church service part of your Christmas Eve. Keep the MASS in Christ-Mass.

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