19 February 2008

Rite of Election 2008

"Last Sunday hundreds of people who are entering the Catholic Church in Northern Colorado this Easter gathered in our cathedral for the Rite of Election. Next Sunday there will be hundreds more doing the same. All total, more than 1,100 — that’s a lot of people! Hasn’t anyone told them what a mess the Church can be? Are they not aware of all the scandals of the past 10 years? Why don’t they turn to a more vague Eastern religion — don’t they know it isn’t “cool” to be Catholic anymore? And why are they choosing a faith that demands so many sacrifices in this age of convenience? What have they found that is so attractive about this antiquated, simple religion?"

Check out the rest of this article in the Denver Catholic Register by Chris Stefanick. He's a really cool guy who I met at Church when we were waiting for our daughters to get out of their girl's group. He's the director of the Denver Archdiocese’s Youth, Young Adult and Campus Ministry Office and will be speaking at this year's "Pure by Choice" rally.

Prayer for the Elect
Lord God, you created the human race and are the author of its renewal. Bless all your adopted children and all these chosen ones to the harvest of your new covenant. As true children of the promise, may they rejoice in eternal life, won, not by the power of nature, but through the mystery of your grace. Amen

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