26 February 2008


Is conversion necessary for all persons? Some apparently need it less than others. They have always led, it may be, an outwardly blameless life. They have never fallen into open sin. But even they need converting grace, for their hearts, by nature, are turned away from God, and they must be drawn towards Him by the power of the Holy Spirit. The change in such persons may not be very manifest. their conversion may be so gradual, so unmarked, that it is hardly noticed, even by themselves; but still the change takes place and the work is God's.

~Bishop Ashton Oxended of Montreal, Anglican Metropolitan of Canada, "Thoughts for Lent" (1873)

Give perfection to beginners; give understanding to the little ones; give aid to those who are running their course. Give compunction to the negligent; give fervor of spirit to the lukewarm; give to the perfect a good consummation. Even so, Lord Jesus!

O God, who rejects not the greatest sinner, but in loving pity is reconciled to him by penitence; mercifully regard our lowly supplications, and give us strength to fulfil Your commandments.

O God, who justifies the wicked, and desires not the death of a sinner, we humbly beseech your Majesty to bountifully protect with heavenly succour, and to preserve, by Your continual help, we Your servants, who trust only in Your mercy; so that we may constantly serve You, and that no temptation may seperate us from You.

~ Prayer for Tuesdays from "A Few Devotional Helps for Lent & Passion-tide" (1858)

**For more on Conversion, check out "Deep Conversion/Deep Prayer" by Fr. Thomas Dubay, S.M. from Ignatius Press. Also, Fr. Thomas has sermons in Real Media at EWTN including "Degrees of Conversion".

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