25 February 2008

Ex more docti mystico

Now with the slow-revolving year,
Again the Fast we greet;
Which in its mystic circle moves
Of forty days complete;

That Fast, by Law and Prophets taught,
By Jesus Christ restored;
Jesus, of seasons and of times
The Maker and the Lord.

Henceforth more sparing let us be
Of food, of words, of sleep;
Henceforth beneath a stricter guard
The roving senses keep.

And let us shun whatever things
Distract the careless heart;
And let us shut our souls against
The tyrant Tempter's art;

And weep before the Judge,
and strive His vengeance to appease ;
Saying to Him with contrite voice,
Upon our bended knees:

Much have we sinn'd, O Lord!
and still We sin each day we live;
Yet look in pity from on high,
And of thy grace forgive.

Remember that we still are thine,
Though of a fallen frame;
And take not from us in thy wrath
The glory of thy name.

Undo past evil; grant us, O Lord,
More grace to do aright;
So may we now and ever find
Acceptance in thy sight.

Blest Trinity in Unity!
Vouchsafe us, in thy love,
To gather from these fasts below
Immortal fruit above.

~ Tr. Edward Caswall, Breviary Hymns (1873)

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