16 January 2008

His Mother as a Helper

Love purely, and persistently venerate and invoke the most sweet Mother of Christ, the Virgin Mary, who is the most benign consoler and advocate not only of the perfect but also of the imperfect; for she repels no one, but is ready to listen to all. She gently receives, cherishes, and protects sinners who piously and humbly have recourse to her, and with motherly confidence reconciles them to her Son. Sooner would heaven and earth perish, than would she deprive of her help any one earnestly imploring her aid. Give thanks to the Lord, who has given her to you for a Mother and a helper.

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Hail Mary, the theme of prophets, and glory of apostles, martyrs, confessors, and virgins. You are the most lovely palm of righteousness. You are the most fragrant spikenard of modesty. You are the blooming garden full of heavenly delights. You are the ark of the covenant, containing that sweetest manna. You are that blessed soil which brings forth a blessed fruit. You are the spiritual rock gushing forth with plenteous streams. You are that sacred fountain, swelling into the largest river. O Mary, how holy you are; how sinful am I! how humble you are; how proud am I! how sublime you are; how unworthy am I! O undefiled one, how vast a distance is there between your angelic purity and my intolerable uncleanness. Purify, I beseech you, my heart from the filth of sin: take from me whatever is displeasing to your virgin eyes. Separate my heart from earthly desires, and establish it in the love of heavenly things, to the everlasting praise and honour of your Son.

~ Ludovicus Blosius (16th c.)

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