08 January 2008

Good News Magazine Online

Good News Magazine is published by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the UK. The January/February 2008 issue is now online, so check it out...

One awesome article discusses the operation of Charisms during the dark ages.
"In the midst of this disorder we have many examples of the Lord moving powerfully among his people, leading them to missionary activity, helping them form strong loving Christian communities, and encouraging and guiding them with signs and wonders. During this era, missionaries began to walk boldly into areas which had been taken over by pagan tribes and brought them back to the Lord. They converted tens of thousands to Christ in North Germany, Scandinavia and Poland where the Gospel had never been preached before. This is the Rome of Pope Gregory the Great, and it is also the era of some remarkable charismatic activity which he recorded."

Another article asks, "what is needed to ensure that the Renewal is truly prophetic and does not become tamed or domesticated?" One of the points made is that, "Renewal has to be concerned with fullness: with all the gifts, all the ministries, all the equipment of the Spirit for building up the whole body. This requires the work of the Holy Spirit in every Christian body."

I highly recommend reading this issue and checking out the archives.

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