21 January 2008

The EWTN Challenge

Attention non-Catholics:

A major factor in helping me understand the modern Roman Catholic Church was wacthing EWTN for a month. The devotion to God, the clarity of teaching, the consistencey of the message all testified to a vibrant worldwide community of Faith.

This next week will be especially interesting due to extensive coverage of the Walk for Life and various pro-life programming.

For those of us with an Anglo-Catholic interest check out "Walsingham: England's Nazareth"

Wednesday 1/23 at 10pm EST & 2/2 @ 5am EST visit the ruins of the seven churches that St. John addressed Revelation to.

The kid's shows in the afternoon and Saturday morning are awesome, especially "Knights of St. Michael", "We are Catholic", "Truth in the Heart", and former Evangelical "The Donut Man".

"The Choices We Face" on Tuesdays @ 6pm EST and Friday at 6:30am EST is a great program from the Charismatic folks at Renewal Ministries in Ann Arbor.

Also check out "Crash Course in Catholocism" Saturday @ 4pm EST & Thursday @ 5am EST

These are all worth recording via TiVo or DVR and watching at your convenience. Tune in anytime with and open mind, asking the Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth.

Check your local listings, try it for a week. At least you will go away with a good idea of what the Church founded by Jesus christ on the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets is doing today.

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