14 February 2009

St. Valentine's Day Reminder

"Saint Valentine passed a note to his jailer's daughter, whose sight he is thought to have cured," says Clare Ward, spokeswoman for the Catholic Enquiry Office, the official body providing information on Catholic life in England, "The note had no romantic content, but it's from this story that the tradition of sending notes of appreciation has come from.

"If tomorrow you are still looking for your soul mate, the actual patron saint is St Raphael. He's the person you should dedicate your day or pray to if you are looking for Mr or Mrs right."

St Raphael, helped Tobias enter into marriage with Sarah, who had seen seven previous bridegrooms perish on the eve of their weddings. It is he within the canon of Catholic saints who is properly associated with helping to forge partnerships.

The entire BBC article can be found HERE

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