13 February 2009

Dragon Slayers Welcome

Today I went for a drive with my parents on a stretch of road called "The Tail of the Dragon". It's very popular with motorcycle riders who challenge themselves on the 300+ curves that wind along an 11 mile stretch of US-129 in Tennessee.

I don't know if Fr. Ed Fride, the Harley ridin' priest of Christ the King in Ann Arbor, has ever been on it. I could see him with an icon of St. George on the back of his leather jacket!

While musing about the construction of the road I realized that some obstacles had to be avoided, while others they blasted through. Overall, though, the builders followed the terrain to create a way through the mountains.

The road is so analogous to my life right now. There are twists and turns, surprises around the corner. Hardly anywhere to turn off. Plenty of beautiful scenery. Some curves require slowing down.

This is the route God is taking me. I can be fearful and ride the brakes, put the top down to enjoy the sunshine and the scenery, or feel the rush as I lean into the curves. I think I'll just let Him drive while I enjoy the ride.

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