26 April 2009

Myrrh-Bearing Women

On the second Sunday after Pascha (Easter), Eastern Catholics remember the women who brought spices to the tomb of Jesus. In some countries Mother's Day is celebrated today.

Why do you hasten, O myrrh-bearers? Why are you carrying myrrh to the living God? Christ is risen as he said. Wipe away your tears and from now on change your tears into joy.

Coming near to your tomb, O Savior, the myrrh-bearers hesitated, saying to each other: Who will roll the stone away from the tomb for us? They looked and saw that it had been rolled away. Startled by the sight of the radiant angel, they were seized with fear and wanted to flee, but the young man cried out to them: Do not be afraid! The One whom you seek is risen; come and see the place where the body of Jesus lay. Hasten to his disciples and proclaim to them: the Savior is risen from the tomb.

(Matins Canon, Ode 6)

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