27 March 2009

Sabbath at the Carpenter's House

It's Friday,
just before sundown.
Mother is lighting
the Sabbath candles.

After kindling the fire
she waives her hands
over the flames three times
then covers her eyes.

She chants:
"Blessed art Thou,
O Lord, King of the Universe,
who commands us to
observe the holy act of
lighting the Shabbat candles."

As a devout Jewish mother,
the Blessed Virgin Mary
performed this ritual each week.

I'm sure that to her
it wasn't just an empty custom.
She knew that she brought the
True light into the world,
the Lord of the Sabbath,
her little Yeshua.

Did the words of Holy Simeon
echo in her soul:
"A light for revelation
to the Gentiles, and for glory
to Your people Israel."

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