01 October 2008

Protection of the Theotokos

Today is the patronal feast day of this blog: Holy Protection of the Theotokos. Over the years, and especially recently, I have developed a strong devotion to this image of the Blessed Virgin. You may have noticed her at the top of this page

On October 1, 911, during the reign of emperor Leo the Wise, there was an all-night vigil in the Blachernae church of the Theotokos in Constantinople. Standing near the rear of the church was St. Andrew the Fool for Christ, and his disciple Epiphanius. At four o’clock in the morning, the Theotokos appeared above the people with a veil spread over her outstretched hands, as if to protect them. She was surrounded by angels and saints. Seeing this, Andrew asked his disicple, “Do you see the Queen and Lady of all is praying for the whole world?”

My first step into the Catholic Church began at Holy Protection Byzantine Catholic Church in Denver, CO.

I continually place my life under her protective mantle.

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