17 May 2008

God's Love in the History of Salvation

Our Heavenly Father has been watching over us throughout all of history, saving us from destruction over and over again. He longs to onvince us of His pasionate love for each one of us, that relentless mercy which calls--and enables--us to share His own divine life, that fiery outpouring of love by which the Father eternally begets the Son in the Holy Spirit. Only an infinite, raging love such as appears among the Blessed Trinity can explain the mysteries of human sin and salvation.

Let's face it, we humans really don't want God to love us that much. It's simply too demanding. Obedience is one thing, but this sort of love clearly calls for more than keeping commandments. It calls for nothing less than total self-donation. That might not be a difficult job for the three infinite Persons of the Trinity, but for creatures like us, such love is a summons to martyrdom. This invitation requires much more suffering and self-denial than simply giving up chocolate for Lent. It demands nothing less than a constant dying to self.

~Scott Hahn, from "A Father Who Keeps His Promises" (1998 Servant)

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