14 February 2015

Red Bird at the Monastery

I laid me down and slept until
the monastery bell
summoned us to prayer.
I awoke
for the Lord sustained me.
A red bird tapping
tap tapped on the sunrise
matin psalm chapel window.

O Lord
how manifold are Thy works.
A red bird
followed me to Vespers.
In wisdom
hast Thou made them all.
Flap flap
colliding again
into darkening chapel window.

The abbot explained—
red birds
their own reflection.
The sacrifices to God
are a contrite spirit…
I lit a candle—
A contrite and humble heart
The Lord will not despise.

Before sleep
I bowed before icons—
I pressed my lips
to the windows of heaven—
like a little red bird.

© 2005 David Samuel Thomas

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