09 December 2012

What am I doing on this blog?

"I freely confess, accordingly, that I endeavour to be one of those who write because they have made some progress, and who, by means of writing, make further progress."
~ St. Augustine of Hippo, Letter #143 (AD 412)

My purpose is to share things I find on my journey. Sometimes personal thoughts, other times prayers or quotes from spiritual writings. Since I love music, I throw in a hymn now and then. In addition I like to point out important feast days and saints. Charismatic, Byzantine, and Anglican Use Catholics will all discover things of interest here. You never know what you'll find, so keep coming back and be sure to check out the archives.

A little about me:

Raised in the Assemblies of God, I held ministry credentials and served as an Assitant Pastor during which time I also travelled as an Evangelist. Feeling a call to the Ancient Church of the Apostles, I became Antiochian Orthodox in 1995 and was tonsured a Reader in 2001.

After moving to Denver in 2005, I tried many of the Orthodox parishes in the area but didn't feel at home in any of them. I often attended a "Western Rite" Orthodox Church in the Anglican tradition and discovered the beauty of the West. Gregorian and Sarum chant was easy to learn and I found it very edifying to sing the Psalms to those modes. Then I started praying the Rosary during Lent of 2007, walking with Mary and developing a deeper love for the Most Holy Theotokos.

By Pentecost I longed for a "complete Orthodoxy" that embraced both Eastern and Western devotional practice and Liturgical variety. Was the Church Universal? Yes! Wait, isn't the Greek word for universal "katholikos"? What about my Pentecostal roots? I spoke in tongues and saw the Gifts of the Spirit in action. Shouldn't the power recieved at Pentecost by the Apostles be active in the church they established?

The Immaculate Conception of Mary, original sin, and purgatory were easy to understand and accept. It took some prayer and study to admit the authority of the Pope of Rome over the Universal Church--I asked "what if it's true?" and the Holy Spirit answered "Yes it is!" Well then, I must be part of the Church led by the successor of St. Peter, the leader of the Apostles.

I made the Profession of Faith and came into Communion with the Roman Catholic Church in September 2008 through a Ukrainian catholic parish. Currently I attend a local Latin Rite parish, but occasionally attend Byzantine Catholic and Melkite parishes.

I consider myself a Charismatic Byzantine Anglo-Catholic. That pretty much covers it all. Thanks to Vatican II a Catholic can find a place in the Church that fits who they are. One doesn't need to become a 19th century Russian Peasant to draw close to God.

"May God in His mercy grant that every day we may be troubled, tried, disciplined, or make some progress." ~ St. Augustine

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