13 December 2011

Keeping Mass in Christmas

‎"May the Mass be the focus of your Sunday, which must be rediscovered and lived as the day of the Lord and of the community, a day on which to praise and celebrate the One Who was born for us, Who died and rose again for our salvation, and Who asks us to live together joyfully, to be a community open and ready to welcome anyone who is alone and in difficulty. Do not lose your understanding of the significance of Sundays, and remain faithful to your appointment with the Eucharist. Early Christians were ready to give their lives for this."
~Pope Benedict XVI, 12 Dec 2011

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priest's wife said...

a little late to this post- but I just love the title! It is so true- and also- keep Christ in the New Year and go to church! My kids learned that- yes, yawning through the Liturgy