26 March 2010

Easter Novena Begins

Here we are nine days before Pascha! That means it's time to start your Novena for the Resurrection in preparation.

Here's a short novena prayer:
O Divine Saviour, who rose from the dead on that first glorious Easter morn, grant that I may rise from my sins and so live as to see You, glorious and immortal, in heaven. Lord, I am nothing, but, although nothing, I adore You.
(Mention request then conclude with 3 Aves, Our Father, and Gloria Patri)

This Resurrectional Stichera
from the Eastern Catholic & Orthodox tradition could also be used:

Your resurrection, 0 Christ our Savior, is praised with songs by the Angels in heaven, make us worthy to praise You also here on earth and to glorify You with a pure heart. (Tone 6)

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