24 June 2009

Unless You Become as a child...

A child is dependent, open, simple, trusting, playful, sensitive, emotional, blunt, truthful, and compassionate.

They don't know barriers and rarely doubt.

When they fail, they try again. Failure just means that a skill still needs to be learned.

When they fall, they may cry, but quickly brush themsleves off and keep on playing.

Play is their work--a spontaneous extension of self. It is serious business that recieves full attention.

Ordinary things are gateways to adventure. They turn cardboard boxes into spaceships and race cars.

They desire independence, but aren't afraid to ask for help when needed.

They learn by doing, by experiencing, taking risks and making mistakes.

They embrace the present moment, living in the NOW.

They make friends easily--with others, grasshoppers, stray dogs, and their imagination.

They avoid things that steal their joy.

They eat when hungry and sleep when tired.

They speak as if everything they say will come to pass.

~David Samuel Thomas

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