29 January 2009

Entrusted with Gifts

"Lord, if you let me win the lottery, I will do so much to help people and build your kingdom!"

Have you ever bargained with God this way?

I was thinking about the incident in the Gospel of Mark (12:41-44) when the widow gave her last two coins to God. Jesus said that she gave more than the others because she gave out of her poverty, not out of her surplus.

"As each has received a gift, employ it for one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace: whoever speaks, as one who utters the oracles of God; whoever renders service, as one who renders it by the strength which God supplies; in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ." (1 Peter 4:10-11)

God wants us to give what we can from what we have. Consider your talents, abilities, and resources then pray for the Holy Spirit to show you where these gifts can be given. If you are gifted with your mouth: encourage, teach, and testify. If you are gifted with your hands: build, feed, and heal. Be a good steward of God's varied grace.

No one else can do what you do, can give what you give. That's why God made you. That's why He put you where you are. That's why the people in your life are there. Give generously of the treasure God entrusted you with for His glory.

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