07 December 2008

7 Minutes in Heaven

No, I'm not talking about being locked in a closet with a love interest to see what happens. Then again, maybe on a spiritual level I am. Jesus should be our beloved and He did tell us to go into the closet to pray.

Anyway, I came across this great recommendation for spending deliberate time with God. Sure, I talk to Him throughout the day, but it's still good to set a daily "appointment" where I can stop and listen. No doubt, Jesus was in constant communication with the Father throughout His earthly ministry, but He would go off to pray. If God incarnate set aside time time to pray, how much more do we need it.

So here's the plan: deliberately spend seven minutes with God. Two minutes of quiet, contemplative prayer in the morning and five minutes of Bible reading and "Lectio Divina" (meditation on the Scripture) at night.

Sure God deserves more of our time, but setting aside this time is a good place to start a routine.

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