31 July 2008

The Wounds of Jesus

Men are afraid to go to Christ, or else they say, "My Sins are so many I cannot go to Him; He will be angry with me."

Do you see His hands outstretched to you to night? He is in heaven, and He still says, "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Are you afraid to come? Then, look at His hand—look at His hand, will not that induce you?

"Oh," but you say, "I cannot think that Christ can have it in His heart to remember such a worm as I." Look at His side, there is easy access to His heart. His side is open, and even your poor prayers may be thrust into that side, and they shall reach His heart, holy though it be. Only do thou look to His wounds, and thou shalt certainly find peace through the blood of Jesus.

There were two monks of late years in different cells in their convent. They were reading the Bible. One of them found Christ while reading the Scriptures, and he believed with a true evangelical faith. The other one was timid, and could scarcely think it true; the scheme of salvation seemed so great to him he could scarcely lay hold upon it.

But, at last, he lay upon the point to die, and he sent for the other to come and sit by him, and to shut the door; because if the superior had heard of that of which they were about to speak, he might have condemned them both. When the monk had sat down, the sick man began to tell how his sins lay heavy on him; the other reminded him of Jesus. "If you would be saved, brother, you must look to Jesus who did hang upon the cross. His wounds must save." The poor man heard and he believed.

Almost immediately afterwards came in the superior, with the brethren and the priests; and they began to grease him in extreme unction. This poor man tried to push them away; he could not bear the ceremony, and as well as he could he expressed his dissent. At last his lips were opened, and he said in Latin, "Tu vulnera Jesu!"—Thy wounds, oh Jesus! Thy wounds, oh Jesus!—clasped his hands, lifted them to heaven, fell back and died.

Oh, I would that many a Protestant would die with these words on his lips. There was the fullness of the gospel in them. Thy wounds, oh Jesus! Thy wounds; these are my refuge in my trouble. Oh sinner, may you be helped to believe in his wounds! They cannot fail; Christ's wounds must heal those that put their trust in him.

~Charles Spurgeon
from "The Wounds of Jesus" (#254)
January 30th, 1859

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