01 April 2008

April brings New Life

The month of April is dedicated to the Holy Spirit.
The whole month falls in the Easter season with the liturgical color of white.

The feasts of the Evangelist Mark (+25th) and St. George (+23rd) occur this month.

The Holy Father calls on us to pray that even in the difficult and complex situations of present-day society, Christians may never tire of proclaiming with their lives Christ’s resurrection, the source of hope and peace.

His Missionary Intention is that future priests in young Churches may be ever more seriously formed culturally and spiritually in order to evangelize their respective countries and the whole world.

Stay tuned for many postings about the Holy Spirit. "You can't see Him, but He's always there!"

1 comment:

Art Thomas said...

Hi bro,

I loved the reference to "Sam Saint" at the end there--it brought back fond memories of when I was growing up and you were leading the children's ministry at our church...even though I don't remember if you ever showed the "Sam Saint" videos. By the way, I found Dick Gruber's web site, and there are some audio downloads of "Peace Patrol" on the podcast page.

Also, I just got back from a retreat where I taught on the Holy Spirit and who He is (based on the attributes in Isaiah 11:2). If you're interested, I've got a video of the lesson online. Just go to http://www.supernaturaltruth.com/video.htm and click the second video "Knowing Your New Best Friend: the Holy Spirit."

I'm praying for you!